It's a comedy series on NBC created by Dan Harmon and executive produced/directed by the Russo Brothers. The show is based on a group of community college misfits who form a study group, at the center of which is a fast-talkin' lawyer whose degree has been revoked (Joel McHale).

This job was a rare treat, allowing us the opportunity to concept for a comedy series. A series rich with interesting characters and a strong theme. After some discussion and development we landed on the cootie catcher (aka fortune teller) as the perfect device to take us through the credits. The cootie catcher is inherently amateurish, nostalgic, rich with texture, and totally playful... All of which speaks both literally and metaphorically to the show and the characters themselves... And, it provided the perfect paper canvas to display credits which are surrounded by doodles that are unique to each character.

We executed this entirely in 3D and composited into the actual library where the majority of the show takes place.

Art Direction: Erin Sarofsky. Design: Gene Park. Calligraphy: Erin Sarofsky, lead, with Halley Bonoma and David Michael Friend. Compositor: Matt Crnich. Animation: Roman Kobryn and Mike Wilson. Technical Director: Eric Thivierge. Producers: Louise Krakower and Rachel Steele. Assistant Producer: Halley Bonoma. VFX Director: Scott Stewart. VFX Supervisor: Andy Zazzera. Production Company: Sarofsky Corp. and Speakeasy FX.


Created at Sarofsky Corp
Selected Version / Fortune Teller: Created at Sarofsky Corp

Created at Sarofsky Corp
Presented version 2/ ID card: Created at Sarofsky Corp