War Heroes Weekend

AMC came to us to create a promotional package for their War Heroes Weekend, a movie marathon hosted by Tom Brokaw that spanned Memorial Day weekend.

We started off by creating a concept that incorporated the different branches of the military: Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force. From there, we developed a design armature that housed imagery relating to those different branches.

We created all the graphics from scratch… Everything from the logo and the bumpers to the film opens, lower thirds, snipes, bugs, etc.

In addition the graphics and editorial, we also produced a live action shoot that included both active and retired United States military personnel. Those live action portraits were used in all the transitional elements we created, the bumpers bookending commercial breaks, the short interstitials with Tom Brokaw and the film introductions.

Art Director: Erin Sarofsky / Designer, Animator: Gene Park, Nik Braatz, Matt Crnich, Carlos Foxworthy, and Jake Mathew


Created at Sarofsky Corp.
War Heroes Weekend / Bumper Ver.01: Created at Sarofsky Corp.

Created at Sarofsky Corp.
War Heroes Weekend / Bumper Ver.02: Created at Sarofsky Corp.